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YES - after only 11 years with over a thousand posts - the site was lost to the corporate structure of the large business folks hooking you in - and then CANCELING PRODUCTS! Thanks to Go Daddy ending there "Promotional" service of providing a free blog with each website - AND THEN providing very lame details as to how this was going to happen - my 11 year experience has been thrown away.

Go Daddy said the BLOG system was ending, and of course they have the right to end anything they gave us in the past since they make all the rules. They told us the date this was ending too. They just never explained how they where doing this or when the system would not allow us to migrate the content to new Word Press format. Yes - they left it online a few days longer than the date they gave, BUT they killed the blog system so there there was no way to extract the information.

Big words that simply mean, they didn't give me access to the files and I lost the blog.

SO - the goal is a new blog on a new server that is not Go Daddy - giving them money after this fiasco seems very counter productive to say the least. In the meantime, the BLOG posts I was able to pull off of the page are on the next page and current comments will go here!

Old BLOG Posts

The most recent posts are here....
For now, I just have a copy of the past posts that I will stick on page 2 of this site.

Tomorrow - Sunday 7/6 - Billy Mitchell 7PM in Pasadena - Levitt Pavilion Pasadena 85 East Holly Street Pasadena, CA 91103. Monday 7/7 Slim Man at the Festival of Arts 530PM. Thurs 7/10 East Bay Soul at Yoshi's Oakland CA and the horns play the Giants game - National Anthem 1230PM. Friday 7/11 Greg Vail and the Dean Grech Band at Festival of Arts 530pm. Sat 7/12 East Bay Soul at Festival of Arts 1pm. Sun 7/12 Billy Mitchell in Corona Del Mar....