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Easter Music with the Saxophone - Tenor Sax

Saxophone Videos

I have been creating saxophone videos for a long time and some of my older video clips still sound really good to me! I did an Easter video a few years ago and I just listened to it. It is still moving and I still love the Easter Hymns I chose and the performance still sounds awesome.

Tenor Saxophone Video

Wont you take a listen? The Tenor Saxophone is featured with no accompaniment. you can really hear the sound of the Tenor Sax and the tone is full! The Hymns I used are The Old Rugged Cross, At The Cross and Amazing Grace.

Easter Hymns featuring the Sax

I hope you enjoy this performance of Easter Hymns and hope you make it out to an Easter Service somewhere this Easter!!

Happy Easter

Sax Player for Hire

Sax For Hire - Saxophone Player

I am dealing with some pretty serious inconsistency in my performance schedule! Music is a funny career. You can spend your whole life trying to get better and perfect your art, and the work load can be completely unrelated to ability. It is funny how big the shows can be and then how long the phone stays quiet. Sax Player for Hire....

I know all my friends are there too! I wish that made the slow season easier. It is picking up this month and there will be a good May and on thru the summer. I just wish there was a little bit of steady work in Orange County to stay busy thru the winter.

Saxophone Recording - Sax Playing

I am always available for recording saxophone - saxophone sessions - as an online musician or local studio musician. I am also available for performance calls in the Southern California area.

Just reaching out and hoping to add a few dates in the spaces. Thanks for stopping in.

Greg Vail Sax Player

New You Tube Saxophone Video Clip

I love You Tube and sharing new Saxophone Videos I have created from You Tube!

Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail has been busy burning out new sax videos and this is the latest! I hope you like it - share it - post it - and love the help a large team of friends and music lovers can be when we all do 60 seconds of sharing! THANKS!!!!

Greg Vail - Soprano Saxophone Player - Smooth Jazz Classics CD - It Happens Everyday!
Images from Canada, South Dakota, Napa and Sonoma Valley, and Southern California - country - farms - farm animals - nature - flowers - winery - beauty.....

Greg Vail Smooth Jazz - Soprano Saxophone and Flutes

Sax Players and WORK?

Sax Session for Hire

Hey music world - Everybody is slow - I know that! I am hoping a few of you might need some Saxophone Recorded for your new song. I have 1 ongoing recording client in South Africa, but we have a week off at a time before I see anything new from him to track.

That leaves a lot of free time for recording saxophone or local sax playing gigs. Come Summer - There will be some travel and more shows to fill in the schedule. But for now - It is extra crunch time for making the monthly nut.

Greg Vail Saxophone Recording

Need a Sax Player? Sax for Hire? Saxophone Sessions? Internet Session Musicians??

Message me at and we can get you done pretty quick, and always, very professionally too! I have Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Saxophone, Bari Sax, EWI, Clarinet, Flute, Penny Whistles, Recorders, and a Pro Tools Studio ready to rock!!

Get Saxophonist Greg Vail on your new music and let it shine! (or rock, or swing, or scream, or............

Smooth Jazz You Tube Video - Affirmation - Flute Player Greg Vail

Hey blog surfers! Greg Vail Flute here and I posted another New You Tube Video from my Smooth Jazz Classics CD - Affirmation!

This was the best smooth jazz track of 1975, long before the term smooth jazz existed! I re recorded this favorite "Contemporary Jazz" track with a new twist and some great LA Musicians!

Greg Vail Flute

Blake Aaron is featured on the Guitar leads and solos and the track is smoking cool! I (Flautist Greg Vail - always sounds so international....) was featured on the Flute for this track, along with arrangement and horn arranging too. Tony Guerrero did an amazing job adapting the track for this CD, arranging and producing (along with playing a little Flugelhorn around the edges!)

The images I used for the new flute video are from a recent trip to Canada last fall. The fall colors are amazing up north and I got some great pictures of the leaves changing! Red - Yellow - Orange - Green - and everything between!

Enjoy the New Smooth Jazz Video post on You Tube!! As always - I encourage your comments since an extra set of eyes is always a huge help! I also encourage your sharing of this flute clip on blogs or socials.... Sharing a clip is the best way to sow a little support and we love that!!!

See more Greg Vail on You Tube - Greg Vail's Sax and Flute Channel - THANKS!!
Don't forget the Sax Video Site - Saxophone Videos for you to watch at Sax Video .TV

Smooth Jazz Saxophone Video - New on You Tube

The Sax Players Blog

Hey Sax Player Blog people - thanks for stopping by the blog! This blog is an open letter with comments and opinions related to Saxophone, Sax Players, working musicians, Orange County music, Southern California and LA Area work, travel as a sax player, performance schedule for this saxophonist, Smooth Jazz / Contemporary Jazz / Gospel Jazz / Church Music topics, recording the saxophone, session work as an LA Musiciannew CDs / Videos / Articles / Bands / Projects / websites..... and more....

I started the blog for musicians outside the LA Area, Sax Players, and non musicians that have wondered what a sax player does from day to day - week to week????

Saxophone Player Blog

The Sax Players Blog has been active for the last 9 years!!! SO - take a look and go back thru the posts to see how things develop and die - and then some projects succeed! I have to look from time to time because I forget some of the crazy along the way!!

New Smooth Jazz You Tube Video

Today's Post - I just finished a NEW You Tube Video - Smooth Jazz Saxophone Music featuring the Alto Saxophone of Greg Vail from his CD - Smooth Jazz Classics.

Please feel free to give me feedback and any thoughts you see to improve the video clips. I love input from anyone that has an eye for the artistic!

Saxophone Videos Web Site

Just a quick reminder that the Saxophone Video Website has been updated! See the Sax Video Site here. As always, I love you and appreciate your comments!! Thanks for reading the Sax Players Blog today!!

NEW Video featuring Dean Grech and Greg Vail

New Music by Dean Grech Guitar and Vocals

Happy March all! The new CD by Dean Grech is rolling out over the first part of 2014 and I made the first video for the new CD today! The CD is Dean Grech - We Got Lost.

The first single off the new CD is a really fun party style track called "Shake It Around!"

I love this track for many reason but the fact that the sax is pretty crazy on the track makes it a favorite for me!! Check it out! Tell me what you think!

I also posted some new pictures of the Dean Grech Band last month and some new pictures from the NAMM Jam hosted by Innervision Records at Spaghettini in Seal Beach this past January. I also posted the saxophone pictures from NAMM - lots of Saxophones - from the Sopranino to the Tubax!!

Saxophone Pictures

SO - New Saxophone Pictures and Band Pictures on FLICKR - New Videos on You Tube - What else you ask??

Sax Videos Site

I actually started a major website update on my Sax Video Site - SaxVideo.TV - Take a look at the Saxophone Videos site and let me know what you think. I have tried to create a musicians resource for You Tube with insights I have learned in my few years on You Tube and 3+ Million Views. All of my videos are on the site, organized in different ways for kids to better find what they are looking for! (I have by Instrument for the alto sax player, tenor sax player.... I have by Style for the traditional jazz fan or smooth jazz fan....)

New Video
New Pictures
First major site update in years!
Social updates and BLOG Post.

Getting busy you'all

Greg Vail - Saxboy - gvSAXBOY

Sax Players in 2014

Interesting times for me and my sax playing friends. It seems like sax playing work has picked up a bit, but there are so many areas of work that are still suffering.

I am pretty focused on the club work these days and so frustrated at how lame these young, inexperienced and foolish clubs are being managed! In my immediate area of Orange County, I had a 20 something manager tell me that they are only booking a few styles of music - Blues, Reggae, Mumford and Sons - Alternative music really.

His take on Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Pop, RnB, instrumentals, the saxophone, ect... are old and work for dinner music but not for the "people." "You gotta give the people what hey want!"

The idea is, we all want to same barely 20 something kids here cuz they drink. Forget the fact that many of these clubs have million dollar rooms, fancy food and expensive wines and exotic beers that these kids can't really afford. This same room does all of its business for dinner and has a very lame after hours crowd - BUT they want Alternative Music and a complete clearing of the room from all the boomers that just dropped 75+$ a person for dinner and drinks.

I don't get it. I have been in bars longer than these kids have been alive! I have seen rooms that are great and make 10K+ a night, and I have seen expensive small rooms with stupid managers turn over more frequently than these 20 somethings change girlfriends.

Just saying.....

Orange County Music

Don't really care for the beach mentality at all these days in Orange County! AND I really hate that there is NO WHERE for 40-60's to go and listen to music that has content beyond radios common denominator of sex, drugs and maybe some gangs and hoes.....

Not sure where it goes from here. I have been listening to more Country Music since the content is not criminal and the music actually has more than 2 chords.... I guess I'm not "Up all night to get lucky..." and never really was.....

Sax Players

Where is the SAX in 2014?? Any "good" jazz to comment on? Any Sax Players finding any love out there??


Greg Vail and Michele Vail

It is anniversary time at the Vail house!! So weird how time flies and also warps at the same life moments. I feel like we have been together for ever and really can't remember life much before Michele came into my life. AND - It is still hard to believe we have now been married for 2 years and are starting year 3 tomorrow!

I love my baby! I love being married! I love the way life went from AM to HD FM sound when she came into my life! February will always be a serious doubleheader with Valentines Day and our Anniversary landing just days apart!

SO - A VIDEO OF LOVE - to share and remember.....

Our Wedding Day video was surrounded by loved ones and still moves me when we watch it!!

February 11th is the name of the song and the Day we were wed in 2012!
Love you more today than I did on the best day ever -  our amazing wedding day!

February 2014 for a Sax Player

Sax Player Greg Vail
is busy this past week and next!! The schedule does not ever seem to book to far out in the future though.

Cool Live Sax Shows

I have some new pictures posted on FLICKr!  NAMM was crazy with the Dean Grech Band celebrating a NEW CD just released last week! Dean Grech - We Got Lost is out and available!!! AND coming to a radio station near you! The 2014 NAMM Gallery just went live this week too!! Saxophones - Flutes - NAMM!

Recording Saxophone

This past week saxophone recording and saxophone sessions have dominated! I had a great session with my friend and band leader Greg Adams this past week recording for a Japanese guitar artist that sells in the millions in Japan! I did Alto, Tenor and Bari sax on horn sections, alto sax solos, tenor sax solos, and flute solos and melody parts! It was a long day that went really fast because it was so much fun!! Lee Thornburg was with Greg Adams and I for the section and I love those guys!!

Sax Recording

I am working on a new Smooth Jazz Tenor Saxophone track today for my South African client. He is sending some great tracks over and I need to get back to it soon!!

I recorded Tenor Sax on a Ska track yesterday - very artsy and the use of the sax was pretty interesting!

The Tampa girl was happy with the 70's rock track we recorded last week and was the gospel artist I recorded for!


The new Dean Grech CD is pickup up some steam! We played some of the new tracks at NAMM last week and WOW!! That's all.... The new Brick Alley Blues CD is selling well!! The new RnB Vocal band is looking great after a first rehearsal with our leader and seeing him very excited about this secret new band!! Stones Tribute news keeps rolling in and it is amazing news!!

Saxophone Session Work

It seems like the sax recording / flute recording is going great as of late. I even had to turn down a Disney session due to scheduling for next week!! Can't say I have seen it this busy for Saxophone recording in a long time!! I pray it can continue, at least moderately! Things seem to go in cycles and history would tell me it will stop and I could go 6 weeks without a track coming in. I guess this is why we celebrate the work when it is there!!

WWBW - Woodwind and Brasswind

Woodwind and Brasswind writing assignments have returned! I did get a few new articles done this past week and have 2 more to finish! Love writing!!

Lace Guitar Pickups

I have also been buried with web SEO clients calling for help with search engine ranking!!
My main client is Lace Music and I got them top 5 for Rock Guitar Pickups and Metal Guitar Pickups along with high rank on 30+ other terms. Been working a bit on the Lace European Guitar Pickups site but it needs big help!

Darryl Walker Sax and Vocals

My dear friend Darryl Walker just started using me for SEO. Darryl Walker Saxophone and Darryl Walker Vocals are ranking top on GOOGLE and Darryl Walker image search went from 7 images in 100 images to over 30 images just by fixing his tags and URLs for a few images. Image Search Darryl Walker and count for yourself! It was 7 pics! Better but still more to do. Of course me posting here is partially to help with some link popularity too! It all figures in!!

Best Immigration Attorney

My favorite Immigration Attorney is the Best Immigration Attorney in the world because he helped me keep my wife in the US!! I love Mark Prochowski and am working his SEO to get him much higher online. He is already page 1 GOOGLE for local cities around him and new we are tackling Orange County and Southern California related terms!

I have got to get this session recorded! Bye for now and continued blessing as you follow your path and grow your skills!

Greg Vail Saxophones - Greg Vail Flute - EWI - Clarinet - Penny Whistles - Vocals - Percussion - maybe even Keyboards again soon.....

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